The Adventures of the Course Kids™

Through Faith and Grace

Teaching children to learn and live the lessons from the A Course in Miracles.

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Through Faith and Grace - Teaching children the lessons from the A Course in Miracles
FEAR, JUDGMENT, & LOVE - Lessons from A Course in Miracles.

The Course Kids!™

Explore the teachings from A Course in Miracles in a way that can be easily integrated into family spirituality lessons whether the children have been schooled through traditional faith-based instruction or non-traditional spiritual paths.

Teachers and Students come in all forms.

Who Are the Course Kids™?

On their journey to discovery the Course Kids!™ are:


yet know when to ask for help.


and willing to listen for the Answer.


as they seek to join their heartstrings with others.


as they turn away from fear.


as they remember their Power Source.

Teachers and students come in many forms.

The cast of characters from Through Faith and GraceCurrently, my Course teacher is guiding me in the discovery of my True Self, while over the years some of my most influential teachers were my students. Through their inquiry and questioning, their background and their experiences my pupils brought their perspective of wisdom to the discussions that I may not have considered. By honoring their contributions, we all benefited and celebrated. Each of us brings knowledge to the table. Enjoy the adventure of actively interacting with your child to share some of your deepest held spiritual beliefs. Then, sit back and revel in their insights!

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Barbara F. Adams

About the Author

Barbara Franco Adams is a retired educator with over 32 years of experience. As both a teacher and administrator, Barb was well respected by students, parents, and colleagues, alike. At the height of her teaching career, she was selected as the Teacher of Year by her state professional organization. In 1996 Barb became acquainted with A Course in Miracles and began to study on her own. But in 2011, when she and her teacher were brought to each other, the Course truly spoke to Barb. Blending her career in education with her dedication to the teaching of the Course, Barb is developing a series for children and their parents/caregivers. The Adventures of the Course Kids: Through Faith and Grace™ is the first in line.

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